Mongolian brands

Mongolian famous brands include Gobi cashmere, Goyo cashmere, Altai cashmere, Evseg cashmere, Luxury camel wool, Ulaanbaatar carpet, Erdenet carpet, Mongol Savkhi leather products, Designers’ Club leather products, Montulga leather crafts, Borgio beer, Mongol beer, Chinggis beer, Soyombo vodka, Chinggis vodka, Bolor vodka to name a few.

Founded in 1981, Gobi cashmere is one of the 3 largest vertically-integrated producers of cashmere, we process Cashmere and Camel wool and produce high quality finished products; Wholesale & retail sales on domestic market and export sales to various international markets.

Currently, the company is a vertically integrated manufacturer. All stages of production starting from sorting, scouring, dehairing, spinning, knitting and finishing is all done under one roof enhancing GOYO’s flexibility to produce to its customers’ specification easily and to react quickly to the requirements of designers and customer sampling.

Erdenet Carpet
Erdenet Carpet Company, equipped with German, Poland, UK and Japanese machinery was established in 1981. In 1990, Erdenet carpet the former state-owned company was completely privatized. The well known Mongolian business entity Nomin Holding had became the major shareholder since 1999 thus conducting its management activities. Erdenet Carpet is one of the 10 largest manufacturing and trade companies in mongolia producing and providing pure woolen rugs, runners and wall to wall carpets. In 2008 year we are developing camel wool and cashmere production. Our products comply with the International ISO 9001 standard and thanks to efficient R&D program we became primary owner of the Woolmark label with 0001MN certificate number in mongolia.

Chinggis vodka
Chinggis Vodka draws on 800 years of Mongolian history; the great legacy of Chinggis Khaan, and the centuries-old vodka stilling technique practiced by Mongolian's nomadic people. Vodka was traditionally used for medicinal, as well as consumption purposes. Premium Chinggis Vodka is manufactured to international standards, utilizing state-of-the art technology. Chinggis Original Mongolian Vodka is distilled from the finest Mongolian wheat grown at an elevation of 4000 feet on the Mongolian Steppes. The water for this premium vodka originates from crystal clear springs that begin as winter snowfall in the mountains north of Ulaanbaatar.

Borgio beer
Borgio beer is the best recognized brand in mongolia and APU's flagship brand. Mongolians have known and loved Borgio since 1927. Borgio, with its values of friendship and honesty, is embraced by ordinary Mongolians, who prefer to share beer moments with friends. Its bold but easing taste attracts beer admirers and whole nation appraised the drink as the national emblem of Mongolian pub society.

Famous Brands in Mongolia ;
In Mongolia there are top brands like LV, E Zegna, Burberry, Emperio Armani, Esprit LV located in the center of the city which are affecting the city appearance favourably. Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola are all over the supermarkets in the city, and Mongolian guys know these products well.

In Ulaanbaatar you can see world famous automobile brands such as Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Ford Motor, Subaru, Nissan. These cars are everywhere in the city and their distributers service by cleaning, repair and provide its parts.

Also there are Nokia, Canon, Dell, Panasonic, UPS, DHL and 2 million of Mongolians use handphone. Most of them chose Nokia which means Nokia is certainly top brand. Mobicom Corporation is Mongolian first cellular telecommunication service company and provides its market by cell phone, repair service also opened trade center for people. Currently Mobicom Corporation provides wide range of services including GSM cellular communications, international communications, Internet and satellite communications, wireless local loop or WLL. Therefore Canon, Dell, Panasonic are already in Mongolian market and affecting the city’s image positivity.
All over the world you can deliver your package because in Mongolia UPS and DHL have already been introduced.

Its hard to imagine Mongolians without Adidas, Ikea, Budweiser, Avon, Procter and Gambles, Mexx, Tom Tailor. These brands have already been introduced in department stores, shopping center street and people already like buy these products. Also you can use Visa and Master card in many kind of services, you can transfer money all over the world country.